Best Mountain Bikes For Big Guys

Each summer, I see people of all ages, shapes, and sizes having a fantastic time on the trails. When you see these people, you realize that nobody needs to miss out on mountain biking. Therefore, even though you are a bigger guy, you don’t need to worry about finding a suitable mountain bike.

We are going to give you some tips on what to look for, and we have compiled a list of the best mountain bikes for big guys available online.

What To Look For In The Best Mountain Bikes For Big Guys

The first thing about buying a bike as a big guy is that there is no need to worry about the bike not being able to take your weight. Mountain bike manufacturers make their frames to be super strong to carry even the heaviest of riders.

You do need to be careful about the quality of some of the bike’s components as a heavy rider. Entry-level bikes or ones made to be super light may not be as durable as you need them to be. Therefore, you need to choose a bike that is suitable for your build and needs. Here are some things you need to take into consideration:


I’m sure you will agree that stopping is essential when mountain biking, as is controlling your speed on descents. Heavier riders should choose a mountain bike with a good set of brakes.

If possible, buy a bike with hydraulic disc brakes. These will give you the most stopping power, while the brake levers will be easy to modulate to stay in control. If hydraulic brakes are out of your budget, go for mechanical disc brakes.


No matter how fit you are, the more gears you have, the easier it will be to pedal up hills. If you have a bike with a wide range of gears, you will spend less time pushing your bike up the hills or resting halfway up.


The fork attaches your front wheel to your mountain bike. It is common for mountain bikes to have suspension forks to soak up bumps in the trail.

Lower-end mountain bikes are fitted with entry-level forks, which may not suit you as a heavier rider. These low-cost forks are not durable due to their flex under heavy loads. Also, entry-level forks don’t offer much in the way of adjustment. Therefore, they don’t always have the capacity to cater to heavier riders.

If you don’t want to spend money on a mountain bike with an expensive fork, you may want to opt for a rigid fork. Alternatively, you could go for a fat bike.

Wheels And Tires

The wheels on a mountain bike can be a problem for heavier riders. It is common for a rear-wheel to be damaged no matter how heavy you are. A sharp rock or a cased jump can dent your rim or break a spoke quite easily.

As a heavier rider, you may want to upgrade your wheelset quite soon after buying your bike. With a set of downhill specific wheels and spokes with heavy-duty tires, your wheels will be able to take big hits.

Another good thing to do while upgrading your wheels is to go tubeless. Tubeless tires are less likely to puncture when the wheel hits sharp rocks and are resistant to pinch flats.

Earlier, we mentioned fat bikes. These are mountain bikes with oversized and squishy tires. They are primarily designed for riding over soft surfaces such as sand and snow. However, they are great fun to ride anywhere, even though they take a little more effort to pedal.

Those high volume tires provide lots of grip, but they also act as the bike’s suspension. They soak up the bumps, reducing the shock and vibrations that transfer into your hands and arms. Less vibrations make your ride more pleasant and you can ride for longer in comfort.

Here are some of our top picks for mountain bikes for big guys.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose has been making mountain bikes for over four decades. They still make some great bikes, including the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike.

This bike has been designed to take on any terrain in any conditions. Those big chunky tires give you an incredible amount of traction on soft surfaces. At the same time, its geometry makes it a stable platform that instills confidence.

It may not be the highest specced fat bike, but it is well priced for something so capable. The idea of the Dolomite is to provide an accessible bike that you can take anywhere. Which means it is excellent value for money.

Although the Dolomite doesn’t have hydraulic disc brakes, it does have mechanical items. These brakes do give you plenty of stopping power to keep you in control and safe when things get tricky.

The 7-speed drivetrain is operated by twist shifters integrated into the handlebar grip. The twist shifter system is easy to use and allows you to change gear quickly to keep you moving. It doesn’t have a vast range of gears, so climbing steep hills can be hard work.

For an entry-level mountain bike, the Mongoose Dolomite is a well-priced way of accessing a range of mountain bike terrain and trails.

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Marin San Quentin 1

The Marin San Quentin 1 has a frame made from very strong 6061 alloy. This material and the way the frame is constructed make it very stiff. The advantage of this is that the frame is very responsive and doesn’t flex too much under heavy loads. An additional characteristic of the frame’s design is its low standover height, so it is easy to get on and off.

The San Quentin has boost spacing. This is an industry-standard that allows manufacturers to fit wheels with a wider hub, which contributes to a stiffer and stronger wheel design. Stronger wheels are less likely to be damaged by rocks and heavy landings.

Marin says that the San Quentin is designed for enduro and downhill trails, even though it has no rear suspension. But, its design is influenced by dirt jump bikes, which is a testament to how bomb-proof it is.

The geometry of the San Quentin is low and slack, which makes for a fun and stable ride, perfect for thrill-seekers. However, the Suntour fork is quite basic, with not much adjustment. But its stiffness will suit the heavier rider.

A great addition to the Marin San Quentin is the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. These have a good feel in the levers while giving you a decent amount of stopping power.

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Schwinn High Timber

The Schwinn High Timber is very much an entry-level mountain bike. But, it is a great bike to introduce you to mountain biking. Its durable aluminum frame is stiff and lightweight, which is more than adequate for anyone that wants to ride light to moderate off-road terrain.

Fitted with 27.5” wheels, the High Timber rolls over bumps in the terrain easily while providing nimble handling characteristics. The wheels are solid and resistant to damage, while the tires provide lots of grip on many surfaces.

The 21-speed drivetrain makes light work of steep climbs, and gear changes are effortless thanks to the twist shifters. Schwinn has fitted the High Timber with a suspension fork. Although it is quite a low-end item, it shouldn’t cause any problems unless you regularly ride very rough trails.

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GaoFan Fat Bike

The GaoFan fat bike is a bruiser of a mountain bike that will cope with anything that you can throw at it. Its superior off-road ability comes from the traction provided by the fat tires and its dual suspension setup.

The rear shock absorber has a spring, which dissipates heat better than an air shock. This keeps it working at its optimum performance under high load. The fork is a high-strength item with minimum flex, making it very durable.

Its disc brakes are strong and reliable, which is essential considering the type of terrain available to you with a bike like this. But climbing hills is made easier with the 21-speed drivetrain.

All these components are bolted to a strong aluminum frame. The extra strength comes from the frame’s oversized tubing. It also has a geometry that keeps it stable on technical terrain while being comfortable on extended days out in the saddle.

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Get Out On The Trails

With these pointers and examples of the best mountain bikes for big guys, there are no excuses for not hitting the trails. These bikes will open up a whole new lifestyle and make sure you are active and enjoying life.

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