Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for the Money

Finding the right mountain bike can be extremely challenging, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for. This post will be highlighting several of the best full suspension mountain bikes that you can get for the money. 

The balance between quality and value is always important when searching for the best full suspension mountain bike. Many of the top recommendations will be listed here for you to evaluate and compare. 

OBK 26″ Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a cost-effective full suspension mountain bike that has a solid reputation within the industry, then you might want to consider the OBK 26” Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike. 

This bike has been manufactured by Eurobike and has been equipped with a 17-Inch Frame and 26-Inch Wheels. This mountain bike has been equipped with shock absorbers on the front and rear of the bike to make the ride significantly more comfortable. 

There are currently six different color schemes available to choose from when attempting to purchase this particular mountain bike. The portable frame is ultra-convenient because it can easily be folded into compact spaces for travel or storage. 

The integrated disc brake system creates an ultra-sensitive braking capability on this particular mountain bike. The extra sensitivity ensures that the brakes will have enough power to stop the mountain bike in short order. 



  • Top-Rated Disc Brake System
  • Full Suspension with Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Portable Folding Frame
  • Multiple Color Schemes are Available
  • Minor Durability Issues

To conclude this initial review section, it’s worth noting that the recommended height for this mountain bike is anywhere between 5’3 and 5’9. While it may not be the best overall mountain bike on the market, it certainly has several high-quality features. These top-rated features include an effective disc braking system and a suspension system with equipped shock absorbers to make the mountain bike more comfortable during rides. 

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Devinci Troy 29 SLX 12s Evo Complete Mountain Bike

The Devinci Troy 29 SLX 12S Evo Complete Mountain Bike has been recognized as one of the best full suspension mountain bikes for beginners. 

You could describe this mountain bike as durable, reliable, versatile, and extremely maneuverable. While it may be particularly appealing for beginners, it really can be used by riders of all skill levels. 

The frame material that was used to craft this mountain bike is aluminum alloy. The bike is also equipped with a high-quality hydraulic disc brake system. Speaking of the braking system, you might notice that the primary focus of this braking system is to enhance stopping power and to provide riders with superior braking performance.



  • Great Balance of Quality and Value
  • Durable Frame Material (Aluminum Alloy)
  • Exceptional Hydraulic Braking System with Enhanced Stopping Power
  • Great Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Beginners
  • Only Available in One Size and Color Variation

If you are looking for a high-quality mountain bike that comes equipped with everything that you need to get started, then you will likely be interested in the Devinci Troy 29 SLX 12S Evo Complete Mountain Bike. This mountain bike selection has a top-rated hydraulic braking system and a full suspension design to make the right as smooth as possible. 

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Merax FT323 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

One of the best-valued mountain bikes on the market right now has to be the Merax FT323 Full Suspension Mountain Bike. This cost-effective bike is capable of delivering a smooth riding experience with 21 different speeds. 

An optimal level of stopping power can be achieved with the linear pull brakes. Many entry-level bikes ignore important features, but that is certainly not the case with this Merax FT323 Full Suspension Mountain Bike.

There are currently two different color schemes available for riders to choose from. The first color scheme features a green and grey design while the alternative scheme is blue and black. This mountain bike comes with a limited one-year warranty and has a maximum rider weight of 330 pounds. 

This mountain bike focuses on delivering a high-quality riding experience by using highly rated entry-level components that are capable of getting the job done. The mountain bike is equipped with CPSC Standard Tires and a Full Suspension that absorbs many of the violent bumps that you will experience while riding.



  • Cost-Effective Price Range
  • Two Color Schemes are Available
  • Integrated Dual-Suspension for Smooth Riding 
  • Limited One-Year Warranty is Included
  • Maximum Rider Weight of 330 Pounds

You should spend a little bit of time evaluating the pros and cons to determine if the Merax FT323 Full Suspension Mountain Bike is right for you. This is one of the best cost-effective mountain bike selections on Amazon right now and it could be a great investment for riders of all skill levels. 

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Orbea Oiz H30 Complete Mountain Bike

The penultimate mountain bike that will be featured within this review is the Orbea Oiz H30 Complete Mountain Bike. This specific bike is crafted with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and is equipped with a reliable hydraulic disc braking system. 

This mountain bike is suitable for all types of riders because it is equipped with a full-suspension that makes the bike more maneuverable and easier to control over bumps. 

The primary color scheme features a stylish grey design. This cost-effective mountain bike is a great choice for the money because it is equipped with several components that are reliable and effective. 

This mountain bike is equipped with Maxxis Ikon 60TPI Dual Compound 2.2″ Tires. These tires are capable of delivering exceptional performance across a variety of riding conditions. When pairing these reputable tires with the high-quality hydraulic braking system, it quickly becomes apparent why so many people like the Orbea Oiz H30 Complete Mountain Bike.



  • High-Quality Shimano Deore M6100 Braking System
  • Equipped with Reliable Maxxis Ikon 60TPI Dual Compound 2.2″ Tires
  • Hydro High Polished Triple Butted Aluminum Frame
  • Only Available in One Color Scheme (Grey)

If you appreciate the high-quality components and design features that have been implemented into the design of the Orbea Oiz H30 Complete Mountain Bike, then you should strongly consider investing in it because it can serve as a great cost-effective mountain bike for riders of all skill levels. 

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SIRDAR S-900 Mountain Bike

The SIRDAR S-900 Mountain Bike is equipped with a full aluminum alloy frame with high carbon steel parts for the handlebar and chain. This bike is capable of handling harsh riding conditions and is equipped with excellent shock absorbers to ensure that the ride is as smooth as possible.

In terms of assembly, many riders will be pleased to hear that this mountain bike will arrive at your doorstep nearly assembled. The only thing that you will need to do to finish the assembly process is to install the front wheels, handlebar, and saddle. 

The double-disc brakes provide extensive stopping power in all conditions and you can be confident in all of the safety components that are integrated into this reputable mountain bike. 

Even with all of these reliable high-quality components, you can expect to only pay a generous price to acquire this mountain bike. 



  • Heavy-Duty Full Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Equipped with High-Quality Shock Absorbers
  • Very Little Assembly is Required
  • Only Available in One Color Scheme (Black)

For a generous price, you can become the new owner of the SIRDAR S-900 Mountain Bike. It is extremely affordable and cost-effective when you start considering the high-quality parts that are installed on this mountain bike. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice rider or an experienced rider, everyone will appreciate this mountain bike because it is affordable and reliable. 

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You have now had the opportunity to compare five different high-quality full-suspension mountain bikes that are available on public markets. It can be stressful and challenging to look through all of the different brands because many of them advertise similar features.

This review process makes it possible to breakdown every component on each mountain bike so that you have an in-depth understanding of each selection. These five mountain bikes have been specifically selected for this review because they provide customers with an exceptional value compared to other selections. 

It is highly recommended that you take a look at the pros and cons within the contents of each product review so that you can start to understand the main features of each mountain bike. These pros and cons will certainly help you to narrow down your selections as you continue to look for the most valuable mountain bike.

All of these mountain bikes deserve recognition for being considered as some of the best cost-effective mountain bikes that money can buy right now.

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