Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for Beginners

Are you looking for a comfortable yet speedy mountain bike? Or perhaps you are a beginner trying to find a mountain bike that meets all your needs? Well, whatever your reason may be, we are here to guide you and help you pick out the best mountain bike for a luxurious fun filled riding experience.  When it comes to picking mountain bikes, the first question that will come to your mind is; hardtail or full suspension?  Well, we recommend getting the latter for various reasons which are mentioned below so here is our guide for best full suspension mountain bike for beginners. 

What is a full suspension mountain bike? 

A full suspension mountain bike is equipped with both; a front suspension fork and a suspension shock on the rear fork whereas a hardtail mountain bike only has a front suspension fork. The two forks in turn provides a smoother riding experience as the bike absorbs all those bumps and shocks which greatly enhances your riding experience. 

Highly versatile, the full suspension mountain bikes use newer technologies to provide the most comfortable ride you can imagine! Whether it is complex bumpy terrain or simple mountain trails, these bikes will give you superior control and faster speeds. They are the perfect choice for bike riders who need a boost of confidence to take their riding game to the next level. 

Additionally, in comparison to hard tails, full suspension bikes provide a fairly comfortable descent so you can pedal down hills and mountains more steadily.

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes- The List

However, there are plenty of options available in the market which can get a little overwhelming. But, don’t worry! We’ve got your back. We reviewed the best full suspension mountain bikes for beginners available in the market to bring you the best options. Carry on reading to find our top picks. 

Santa Cruz Megatower C S- Top Pick

With hydraulic disc brakes and a frame made up of carbon fiber, this bike has everything that we love. It has low mounted linked VPP suspension that provides superior response and traction. The safety factor of the Santa Cruz Megatower is truly magnificent! The Megatower suits every rider’s style due to its adjustable bottom bracket, chainstays and a suspension flip chip to alter the kinematics. This bike fits every rider’s needs perfectly and provides a comfortable and personalized ride!

The SRAM GX Eagle™ drivetrain of the bike is especially engineered to provide the best of the best performance. They are durable and let the rider enjoy their ride to the fullest. 

The bike has a FIT GRIP 3-Position Lever, air spring pressure, external rebound as fork adjustments. The performance forks are Fox 36 Float.

The SRAM Code R Brake set along with the Avid CenterLine Rotors offers riders a quiet ride full of relaxation. This is done by keeping the center of friction same throughout the ride so that vibration is as minimized as possible. It comprises the Race Face AR Offset 30 29″ Rims Laced to DT Swiss 370 Hubs wheelset which are one of the best ones available in the market. They are designed in such a way that they absorb all the traction and provide you in return a steady and smooth ride.

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Juliana Furtado C S Complete Mountain Bike – Women’s 2021- Best Pick for Women

When it comes to women, the Juliana Furtado CS is the perfect choice. It has women specific touch points; saddles, colors and suspension tunes to cater to the needs of their smaller builds. 

Juliana is actually the sister brand of Santa Cruz. They make bikes that are just as good but more female oriented to make sure that women can have the best bike riding experience.

The bike is made of Carbon C. It is lightweight yet sturdy and stable. The 27.5 inches wheels with extra width will have you whizzing past mountains, hills and trails in record time. Comfort and speed are the two main qualities of the latest Juliana Furtado. It features a lower link VPP suspension just like the Santa Cruz to provide superior maneuverability and control. Long, uneven descents can now be made easily and much more comfortable due to the superior features of the Juliana Furtado Mountain Bike. Be it trails, climbing uphill, downhill slopes or bumpy pathways, this bike will make sure that you have a comfortable and easy riding experience. An added benefit of riding this bike is that you can fit in the shock of your choice! The bike has been specially engineered to support all sorts of shocks: piggyback, large air can, coil; whatever you are most comfortable with. The 130 mm rear travel and 140 mm front fork are perfect to absorb all shocks and provide a smooth and bump free ride. 

We recommend this bike for women between the heights of 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches. It comes in different sizes. Each size has its own chainstay length to provide maximum balance to people based on their size. 

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Transition Patrol Carbon GX Complete Mountain Bike 2020- Best Pick for Men

With an incredible traction and a frame of carbon fiber, this bike had to be on our list. This is because it has the ability to boost the confidence of the rider through its outstanding features. The speed balanced geometry of the bike allows bikers to ride easily on steep terrains with a high speed without worrying about getting imbalanced. It has a slacker tube angle and a reduced offset fork standard which allows the front to rear weight distribution on the bike ideally.

Pedal with ease through the GiddyUp 2.0HH Suspension which offers a firmer feel and progressive travelling. It also provides more bottom- out support whenever the rider requires it.

Your ride is improved through this bike thanks to the RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select+ Shock. Additionally, it has a RockShox Lyrik Select+ RC fork. The bikes comprises SRAM GX Eagle™ drivetrain which makes it stand out from other bikes. It has a special SRAM Code R brake set which is strong and easy to use. Its ergonomics are styled in such a way that they can be adjusted to be the perfect fit for every rider. In addition to this, it includes SRAM Centerline Rotors which ensures that your ride is comfortable and with the least amount of vibration. It does this by maintaining the center of friction.

The wheels used in the bike are Stan’s NoTubes Flow S1 Comp Wheel set which are lightweight and durable. This bike can be used on any trail whether it is a valley or a mountain which has to be climbed. The best part is that no matter which trail you are on your ride will be smooth as butter.

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Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 A D Complete Mountain Bike 2020 – Budget Friendly Bike

Having an amazing bike doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money. We have come with an exceptional mountain bike, Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 A D Complete Mountain Bike 2020, which is not only perfect for all beginners but also reasonable.

It’s highly versatile and is equipped with the top technology equipment to provide you a fun filled and comfortable riding experience!

The twin link VPP suspension is mounted on the lower part of the frame which makes it more responsive and easy to maneuver. With a higher traction, you no longer have to worry about sudden slips or slides! Enjoy a safe worry free ride with the Santa Cruz 5010 A D. 

It is made up of high quality carbon. The bike is durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. The 27.5 inches wheels are perfectly balanced between toughness and light weight which makes it the perfect play thing for riders of all expertise; be it beginners or professionals!

The bearings of this phenomenal bike are placed inside the linkage rather than on the frame to ensure that you don’t end up damaging the frame when you try to change the bearings. Its slack head angle allows you to easily steer and maneuver it while the short chainstays make it easy to ride and control. Each frame size has a chain stay length designed specifically for it to give maximum stability while flying through any terrain. The bike also comes with a ribbed chainstay protector which makes its super quiet and noise free. It also has a flip chip in the shock mount that you can adjust the seat, bottom bracket height and head angle to give you complete control over the bike’s comfort level.

The bike’s rear travel is 130 mm while the front has a 140 mm fork to allow for a plusher ride with superior control. Big bumps and drops can do no harm to you when you ride on this magnificent bike! The mudguard protects the shock from all sorts of dirt and mud to ensure that your bike keeps running smoothly. The 5010 comes in five different sizes to provide a bike for every rider regardless of their size and height!

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